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 Custom Usb Provides More Flexibility

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PostSubject: Custom Usb Provides More Flexibility   Custom Usb Provides More Flexibility EmptyThu Nov 10, 2011 4:11 pm

USB stand for 揢niversal Serial Bus?it is a device which provides power and data transfer between the computer and other devices so they can communicate and exchange data. There are USB specifications which the manufacturer follows to build the Custom usb so they are able to communicate with computers with standard USB ports. USB is found on many devices, including computers, gaming systems, joysticks, keyboards, hard drives, and memory sticks.

There is real demand for the Custom usb memory sticks. There are four major types of usb connectors.

1. USB-A this is a standard full size USB plug which fits into the USB jack of most of the computers.

2. USB-B this is plug shape which plugs into other peripherals used along with the computer like the printer, external sound card, external hard drive.

3. Mini ?B cable this can vary by size depending on the manufactures device for smaller hand held device like mobile and camera抯 which have smaller plug.

The advantages of Custom usb are that it has replaced the need for serial and parallel ports, which was the previous means of attaching the device to a computer.

Now in the promotional world the Custom usb memory stick is highly in demand. There are many Custom usb manufacturers in the market today. You can have 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional shapes to represent your brand. Custom usb memory stick can be manufactured from a range of material including but not limited to plastic, PVC, ABC silicon, PET rubber, wood, leather and metal. You can also have a customized design selected for your promotional brand and some manufacturers have an in-house designing team that will help you with the design for your Custom usb memory stick.

The memory size of the Custom usb comes in a range of different sizes, they double up as follows, 32 Mb, 64 Mb, 128 Mb, 256 Mb, 512 Mb, 1 Gb, 2 Gb, 4 Gb,8 Gb, and 16 Gb.

When you are having a Custom usb memory stick designed and ordered for yourself or your companies for promotional or gifting purpose make sure to choose the right manufacturer.

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Custom Usb Provides More Flexibility
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