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 Inexperienced information guide ASUS ASUS RS160-E5-server, server-IT field - China automotive lockout also.

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Inexperienced information guide ASUS ASUS RS160-E5-server, server-IT field - China automotive lockout also. Empty
PostSubject: Inexperienced information guide ASUS ASUS RS160-E5-server, server-IT field - China automotive lockout also.   Inexperienced information guide ASUS ASUS RS160-E5-server, server-IT field - China automotive lockout also. EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 3:20 pm

Today, despite the environmental consciousness have been deeply rooted among the green concept inside the social sectors has also been reflected, but the enviromentally friendly degradation, energy crisis and various issues still not already been completely resolved, plagued communal development and progress. A person, IT industry to increase the development of society as an important trigger, on the one hand to improve the pace of ethnical progress, on the other sorts of hand, IT equipment, mainly bearing business information program Server, The increasingly larger energy consumption, noise pollution and room or space occupied by other issues has changed into a troubled society and the organization problem to be resolved. 3C is a major global solutions provider involving Asustek Computer, is committed to green energy through the perspective of enterprise information platform built so your lowest cost of purchase companies gain greater finance benefits, but also for society and the enterprises themselves to manufacture a "green" environment, ultimately facilitating enterprises realize the beneficial development of society, both to the ASUS "customer oriented" reasoning behind sublimation, is Asus mould to the time, the embodiment of your embrace of social guilt, but is ASUS extensive small and medium enterprises the perfect interpretation of information technologies, ASUS ASUS RS160-E5 draws on the idea of "green energy" during 2008, well under in overall strategy development, launch energy-saving, powerful, environmentally friendly, quiet efficient server model s regarding. ASUS RS160-E5 high-performance dual-processor, top-quality computational performance, while short body together with the shape (600mm * 444mm), with several different sizes can be rack, computer room equipment options are flexible, fully structures in order to reach the information platform meant for SMEs and promotion from special needs. ASUS RS160-E5 apply Intel? 5100 processing stage, and compared to the previous generation of the making platform, 23% reduction throughout power consumption, computing capabilities increase of 28%, so overall power intake / performance ratio of just one. 7 times the one on one upgrade, plus onboard 80 + high efficiency server power, and configuration of the particular PWM (Power Management) Fanatic, So that the products inside the energy-saving, quiet and so has the luxury of powerful, provides users using substantial savings, but have got a quiet working atmosphere. Among well-known power transmission inevitable losing power, while the ASUS RS160-E5 saving server, equipped with 80 + high efficiency server power, the power supply after tests inside computation processing, power efficiency about 85. 5% link directly slow up the supply of power deprivation, the total power conserving of almost 30%. Hence, ASUS RS160-E5 not merely save electricity, the electricity business expenses is often diminished. ASUS RS160-E5 of one's saving features thanks to make sure you its thermal design. Inside of a typical data operation, above 50% of the electricity costs inside cooling system and capability conversion, rather than IT operations. Comprehensive process to increase thermal efficiency of electricity is in addition an active server to resolve the direction of strength conservation. ASUS RS160-E5 Transit interior use Air-through airflow design allows fresh air into direct contact with the help of all important heat assets, including the processor, Reminiscence, Power and Motherboard Weight. And calculate the temperature flow direction, to shed many of the heat, to ensure system stability, and reduce the duty on the cooling technique, thus significantly reducing cooling energy consumption. ASUS RS160-E5 cooling system in power and solve the annoying trouble of fan noise, to get 1U server, the machine is bound, the fan blades is small, narrow space harder to be able to shed the operation involving machinery heat generated by fan blade speed swifter, thus prone to noises. And the product is utilized ASUS Smart-Fan Smart Cooling fan technology, with advanced operations design fan, fan speed is often optimized to achieve broad application, so the fan will be high-speed operation when the system is busy, but reduced the system when operating flat speed or give up, thus reducing the noise. So can it be resolved within the conditions of heat, therefore, the noise value is managed at 36dB (A) only even Projector Noise is usually small. Reserve the up grade, the ASUS RS160-E5 is likewise unique innovation, the ASUS exclusive products and services with special specifications for any development of a completely unique 1U fine small size of the SAS Hard disk Improvement kit PIKE (Proprietary Document / O Kit Expansion), available from SATA Drive Direct upgrade to SAS hard disks, but offer no other server host hardware modifications. ASUS RS160-E5 has holds 4 SAS drives, furnishing RAID0, 1, 1 Ourite of PIKE-1064E, and holds 8 SAS drives, furnishing H / W RAID0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6 of PIKE-1078 and two specifications for any user to choose. On top of that, ASUS RS160-E5 also holds servers, workstations, two functions. The product not just has two PCI-Ex8 conventional interface work extremely well with Infiniband cards, SATA RAID handmade cards, and internal or external SAS expansion card, and RS160-E5 is likewise a breakthrough design PCI-Ex16 vent, you can support numerous graphics cards. RS160-E5 that is definitely different from other web servers with special specifications, to give users with more job applications, but also unique sold in the market. Energy saving, environmental protection just isn't a social issue, also related to the personal interests of SMEs in the way of informatization of SMEs, in able to meet the needs of enterprise applications together can save energy and reduce the noise of server products will doubtless will be welcomed internet business and community together. Chinese suppliers Division Asus Fu Jianhua, movie director of server products, reported: "ASUS server always beginning from the actual needs associated with users to conduct N & D, considering your factor of R & Deb products, enabling users to seriously enjoy the" green energy levels "brought benefits, not only in the user's attentive Asus, Asus also reflects the social responsibility as well as importance of Human Concept. "
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Inexperienced information guide ASUS ASUS RS160-E5-server, server-IT field - China automotive lockout also.
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